Driveway Blocked in Queens NY?


Driveways are being blocked around the Clock in Queens, New York each and everyday. Only ones that know how frustrating it can get when someone Blocks your Driveway are those who actually go through this trouble at least once in their life. You see, anyone who has their own private driveway got it for a reason. Anyone blocking it just kills the purpose for the person who pays for their parking in a driveway or for those who own a house with a driveway. Now, a lot of the times people are very inconsiderate about this entire obstructing driveway issue here in Queens, New York. There are many different scenarios on how and why anyone would just decide to park up in front of your driveway and go on their mighty way. First one being, they just don’t believe that their car can get towed. Second, they just don’t care that they are blocking a driveway. Third, they think they will be back in just a few minutes and doing so won’t cause a problem to the driveway owner. Last, but not least, this usually happens on the weekends. Our friends who get too intoxicated and just don’t even realize that they are parking at a driveway.


Now, that we went over some numbers of cases on why someone might block your driveway; let’s talk about why a blocked driveway in Queens could be a huge problem for the person who owns the property and has the rights to park up in the driveway. Number 1 reason being is an Emergency, if you are already parked up in your driveway and someone blocks you, that is just horrible. you might have to run somewhere to get some thing done quickly or you might have to take one of your family members out to the hospital if you think you would do so faster than an ambulance. We can think of many different cases on why a blocked driveway in Queens could be a huge deal but lets just leave it to that and keep moving on.

Unfortunately, to get a car towed from in front of your Driveway isn’t as simple as calling Queens Towing (That’s us by the way 🙂 – reach us at 718-440-8692 24/7/365!) there are few steps you have to take before Queens Towing can actually snatch the vehicle out of your driveway.

  • Get down the Vehicle information (Plate, Color, Make, Model, Year)
  • Next, you need to Call 311 and/or your local precicnt if you happen to know which one it would be.
    • You can click here to report it via an online form on 311 website.
  • Wait on the police to come by and write a Summons to the Blocked Driveway vehicle.
  • Pick up that phone! And Call the magic number : 718-440-8692

Once we get notified that theres any type of vehicle blocking your driveway, we will dispatch a fully-equipped Tow Truck in Queens Ny to tow the vehicle away making you happy and making your driveway free!