Queens Blocked Driveway Towing Service

Driveways can get blocked at times. Huge problem, yes. You gotta go to work, you need to head out somewhere; you see your driveway is blocked. What do you do at that point? In this post, we will go over the steps to get that driveway of yours cleared at the no cost to you. If that sounds interesting, continue right along with this post.

Firstly, when you spot a vehicle in your driveway that is not suppose to be there, you note down the vehicles information and then dial 311 or call your local police station directly.

Secondly, give them all the details you jotted down early and let them know it is blocking your driveway and needs to be summoned so it can be towed.

Third, wait for the summons to be put on the vehicle; as soon as that’s done, you give us a quick call at 718-440-8692 and we will dispatch a tow truck in queens right away.

Voila ! That’s all you need to do. If you liked this post, please go ahead and share it where ever you can/want.


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