Queens Blocked Driveway Removal at No Cost

Is someone blocking your Driveway in Queens NY? If so, no worries; just call 311 get the car a ticket then go ahead and call us at  718-440-8692 and we will remove that Blocking Driveway vehicle at no cost on your end. We offer quick and reliable Blocking Driveway Removal service in Queens NY.

Many times in Queens very congested areas people someone have trouble finding legal parking on the streets. Instead of going around a few blocks and taking a few spins; a lot of the times people tend to park in or in front of someones active driveway thinking they won’t get towed or catch an obstructing driveway summons.

Because of this reason, you need to be fast with calling 311 or your local precinct and get the vehicle an Obstructing driveway Summons so then once our specialized Blocked Driveway tow truck gets there we can easily and promptly hook up the car and clear away your driveway as soon as possible.

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