Queens Towing Company Offers Low Clearance Towing around the Clock. We have special Low Clearance Tow Trucks that can go inside any Low clearance Parking garage or Garage to tow the vehicle out safely and effectively. Our Low Clearance Tow Truck drivers are fully licensed and insured making sure you are in good hands while the entire process lasts.

Many times when people go into shopping centers or just to park up their vehicle over the course of an entire day or a few days, only to find out when they come back their car won’t start. It is a very big possibility that it might just be your battery but in other cases something major can take place where a Jump Start won’t take care of the problem. This is when you need a Low Clearance Tow truck to go inside the garage and tow the vehicle out of there with out causing any damages to the vehicle it self and/or the garage’s roof.

Our Low Clearance Towing trucks are fully equipped and ready to serve you at anytime of the day or night. We service all Low Clearance Garages in Queens, New York and also all the garages in New York City area including Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the Bronx.

Doesn’t matter what the Clearance is at a garage you happen to be in, Queens Towing service will for sure be able to assist you in all of your Towing needs in the New York City area.